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In 1965, Kate Bannion accepts a staff nurse position at Bellehaven Nursing Home after her husband’s commercial fishing boat is lost during a coastal storm.

Lured initially by the charm of the turn of the century building nestled deep within the New Jersey Pine Barrens, she quickly learns both the building and the nursing care have fallen into disrepair. 

Although the civil rights movement gains momentum and women’s liberation is born, Kate realizes there are no civil rights marches for those who live in nursing homes nor much support for women who must work. 

As her husband stays home to recover from his injuries, his resentment at their changing roles deepens, and Kate finds her identity as wife and mother challenged. At the same time she grows increasingly attached to those she cares for at Bellehaven raising questions as to whether she can save her marriage while continuing to understand her place in the world.
Margaret Hawke
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